Ever wonder what it would be like to own a business and help others to live a healthy and happy life?

Do you dream of living pain-free with high confidence?

Do you wish to make a difference in people’s lives while fulfilling your own dreams?

‘Energy Medicine is the Medicine of the Future’  Dr Oz, The Oprah Show

Complementary Alternative Medicine Wellness Holistic Health at home

Many SCT courses and programs can be studied in the comfort of your own home


Taking courses with SCT is a wonderful way to start making your dreams come true.

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  • Wellness has now been defined as an industry. In 2002 Wellness, Holistic Health and Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) sales in North America were $200 billion. 2010 it hit $700 billion and 1 trillion dollars by 2012! What will the number be for 2015?

  • You are in the right place at the right time to begin your first step toward starting a business in the health and wellness field.

  • More people now, more than ever before, are looking for services and products devoted to keeping them healthy and help them take a proactive approach toward disease prevention.

  • SCT is dedicated to students who are passionate about achieving goals of working in the wellness industry.

Do you have what it takes to be a healer?

To be a successful practitioner in the CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) field you need

  • an open heart
  • a sense of compassion for all
  • and strong hands

To be a successful SCT graduate you also need to be able to teach by example. SCT graduates ‘walk the talk’.

Health is not the absence of disease. Health is making the choice to live a better life and then choosing each day:

Wellness in the kitchen

Learn how to make healthy lifestyle choices and teach others

to take the steps necessary to make that happen.

Whether you take classes by correspondence or home-study, or should you choose to join us in the classroom setting, you become part of the SCT Community:

A team dedicated to helping people ’Choose Happy and Live Healthy.

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SCT opened their doors in 1993. There are lots of new schools, and plenty of fly-by-night groups around. SCT has been around, has a fabulous reputation and most importantly, can be trusted!

The School of Complementary TherapiesSM (SCT) is synonymous with excellent students, highest quality instructors and highly successful graduates in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), Wellness and Holistic Health.

Whether you wish to learn about holistic health care as a healing modality or as a profession* SCT has the right course or program for you.

School of Complementary Therapies‘A wonderful way to change your life with passion’ ~ Peg Torbert

  • SCT students train in a truly Holistic model
  • Energy Medicine is the basis of all healing modalities. Scientific research is being recognized and we keep up to date with current studies.
  • At SCT we know Energy Medicine is the basis of all healing



Our courses and programs include:

SCT Distance Learning Courses

and programs have been developed over many years to bring to the distance student the best distance learning and home study education can offer to alternative wellness training.

Join the SCT Community Distance Learning courses available NOW! In-Class Workshops and Courses

Students are encouraged to find their passion. You begin by discovering what you want; dreaming the dream. Once you have found this dream, you learn to believe. All our instructors and assistants behind the scenes believe in you and your dream.

Why choose SCT?

‘I choose to study with the School of Complementary TherapiesSM because I believe that in order to achieve my ultimate goal, to practice Holistic Health [Care], I must first educate myself. By learning through the SCT, the broad ranges of classes made available to a student are diverse and thorough enough to feel comfortable with what is learnt. The fact that most classes are available by distance education has made my studies possible with my life schedule.’ MS, Nunavut Territory, Canada

All SCT instructors have trained and continue to train with SCT Founder Jacqueline Fairbrass.Jacqueline has been a leader in the CAM field since 1993 and continues to practice, teach and study.

Each instructor continues to practice their holistic healing modalities as well as teaching natural healing therapies. They are committed to continuing education and their own personal development.

SCT was established in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1993. Thousands of graduates are leading healthy lives, doing what they love…being healers and teachers. SCT now has students and graduates all over the world.

Accordingly, SCT students receive the highest standard of training offered in the Wellness, Holistic Healthy and CAM field.

Mission Statement

The School of Complementary TherapiesSM opened in 1995 to expand the quality of education and awareness of natural healing therapies in the Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) field. We continue to learn, research, and grow. Whether you are searching for personal development, beginning a new career path or expanding your practice – SCT has something to offer everyone.

SCT Founder Jacqueline Fairbrass, is a Washington State Licensed Hypnotherapist, Ontario Registered Reflexology Practitioner, a gifted intuitive and a practicing Health Consultant in the Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) field.

* Check with your local authorities for your local licensing obligations.

©2006-2013 All content of this website is the copyright of School of Complementary TherapiesSM (SCT) Eduction Division of Feeling Absolutely Fabulous LLC (FAF). This website does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. Go here for Full Disclaimer

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