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Shining Moments

Reflexology covered by Green Shield Insurance!

Reflexology Instructor Jackie Cave was doing a little research recently and came across this information:
Green Shield covers SOME extended health benefits plans including Reflexology. However, the Reflexologist must register. Here is the link

On the Health Professional Provider of Service application form are Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Reflexologists, Homeopaths, Podiatrists and many more. You provide your RRCO Registration number and business address etc. and submit the application online.


After his highly successful Wellness Day at Statistics Canada, Ottawa where he was teaching the merits of holistic health care as part of personal wellness last year, Stats Can invited Ade to return this February. Ade took park in a busy and fun Employee Appreciation Day giving Reiki mini-treatments. If you would like Ade to come out to your company or you would like to learn more about Reiki contact him

On Thursday February 4, 2010 Team SCT Instructor Carol Hawksley took part in a public education event at the Employment Education Center in Brockville. Carol shared information about careers in Holistic Health Care and in particular the increase in Reflexology as a career path.


SCT Kingston Instructor Jackie Cave was voted on the board of the Reflexology Registration Council of Ontario this October along with SCT Founder Jacqueline Fairbrass.

SCT Instructors Adrian McKeague and Michele Appleby became Ottawa Team SCT and attended their first Trade Fair on November 24 for the Federal Government, promoting classes in Reiki, Foot Reflexology and Aromatherapy in the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Carol Hawksley, SCT's 'travelling' instructor once again hit the road and has trained two Hand Reflexologists in Dryden, Ontario--the only two in the area!

November 2009

The Business of Being Well
An interview with Carol Hawksley, SCT Instructor and Wellness Facilitator
By Deborah Dunleavy

It has always fascinated me that there are so many ancient ways of keeping well and yet in our modern world of ‘bigger is better’ and ‘more begat more’, we seldom find time from our stressful lifestyles to take care of our own personal health.
Wellness Facilitator, Carol Hawksley, makes the study and practice of the Healing Arts a way of life that is nurturing, inspiring and encouraging her clients to choose healthier, happier and more productive lives.


July 2009

Jacqueline Fairbrass, Founder of SCT and Life Facilitator, CEO of Feeling Absolutely Fabulous released the latest in the Progressive Relaxation CD series--Throw Away Your Weight.

Progressive Relaxation Volume 3 'Throw Away your Weight'

Imagine your life with higher self-confidence and self-worth…Your life is no longer about diets and deprivation. You can now be a healthy weight and maintain it by eating what you want. Today, you choose to become healthy and Throw Away Your Weight. This CD has been made especially for you. Easy to use Hypnotherapy CDs to help you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

'Your confidence in your body image improves as you use the power off your own mind and the influence of my voice: Together we are going to pull off the layers to reveal the 'real you'.' Jacqueline Fairbrass

Jacqueline Fairbrass has helped thousands of people to reach their potential.
By taking a few minutes to yourself each day to work with Jacqueline you begin the journey to
Feeling Absolutely Fabulous

June 2009

Jacqueline Fairbrass, Founder of SCT and Life Facilitator released the new CD "Meditation" as part of the SCT Goes Green campaign. Do you want to learn to meditate? Want to improve your meditation practice? Want to take a time-out of your day to relax and feel absolutely fabulous? Not sure you want to invest a huge amount of time and energy into trying? This CD has been made especially for you. Good for beginners and the more experienced alike. Easy to use Hypnotherapy CDs to help you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

'Relax. Let go. And listen a little more deeply than usual.
Don’t try to make something happen:
allow it to happen…’
Jacqueline Fairbrass

'I am committed to bringing you excellent products to inspire and support you in reaching your potential and Feeling Absolutely Fabulous.'
Jacqueline Fairbrass

May 2009

May 9, 2009 - SCT instructor Carol Hawksley is part of the team organizing the Brockville (Ontario) Library Health & Wellness Show. Find out more about self-care and meet one of SCT’s top instructors. Contact Carol for more information or to have Carol help you organize your Health & Wellness Show. Email Carol

May 14 -  SCT instructor Carol Hawksley is speaking at the Brockville (Ontario) Women’s Network meeting on the topic of “Self-Care”. As a highly experienced Wellness Facilitator, Carol always draws the crowds out to hear her. To find out more information or to have Carol come out to speak to your group, email Carol.

April 2009

SCT Student  Mike Appleby, volunteered at "Afternoon at the Spa" for Seniors at the Robertson House in Ottawa, Ontario on April 21st. He donated his time to demonstrate mini-reflexology treatments to a number of seniors who live at the residence and was received with enthusiasm and appreciation. Mike continues to work on his practicum and will soon be graduating as a Holistic Foot Reflexologist. Thanks Mike!

SCT Holistic Foot Reflexology student volunteers will be attending "Afternoon at the Spa" for Seniors at the Robertson House on April 21st in Ottawa. Our instructor Michele Appleby is the SCT coordinator for this event.

February 2009

Jackie Cave - A speaking engagement on Balancing mind, body and soul to childhood educators who work with special needs children.

December 2008

SCT Instructor Carol Hawksley was featured in the magazine Health Focus 2008. Carol discussed Foot Reflexology. "Carol Hawksley, registered reflexologist and therapeutic touch practitioner in Brockville cites a Calandra Enterprise overview which explains that the feet contain over 7,000 nerve ending, with each group of endings corresponding to a specific part, organ or gland in the body. By applying pressure to the corresponding reflex point on the foot, energy blockages can be diminished and balance restored. "There are three main functions that reflexology offers," Hawksley says. "One is relaxation or stress reduction. The second is improved circulation, and the last is normalizing glands and organs." Reflexology is similar to massage, only in reverse. "When I compare reflexology with massage, I say that massage works from the outside in. It works on the soft tissue in the physical body, because when the muscles are more relaxed, the internal stuff works better. Reflexology is the flip of that. Because the internal glands and organs are working better, the whole body is working." Sue Deschene, Freelance Writer, Health Focus 2008

November 2008

Jacqueline Fairbrass, SCT Founder, as President of the Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario chairs the Annual General Meeting at Heartwood House on Wednesday November 12th at 6:30 p.m. Jacqueline is a reputed expert in the field of anxiety and CAM. Her role on the 12th includes the presentation "Ready, Steady, Breathe" outlining the basics of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle, ie the holistic approach to life, and how being aware physically, mentally and emotionally of ourselves can alleviate anxiety. This brief exploration includes the increased awareness of anxiety in our culture and how prevention can be part of our daily lives. The presentation concludes with an interactive awareness exercise.


Jacqueline Fairbrass, Life Facilitator and Health Consultant sets the intention at the Breakfast with Friends morning networking group, Tuesday November 25th.

September 2008

Jackie Cave - Holistic Foot Reflexology speaking engagement for Queen's Medical Students on their complementary health day.

August 2008

President of the ADAO Jacqueline Fairbrass - article in The Ottawa Citizen--OC Transpo must accept other 'working' animals--- Published: Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Read article in Citizen or ( if link is no longer viable) downlaod PDF..

June 2008

RBC Awards 2008
Congratulations! As the owner of a successful business, Jacqueline Fairbrass has been nominatedby Carol Stephenson of Richard Ivey School of Business as an outstanding and worthy candidate for the 2008 RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards.

June 18, 2008

Jackie Cave - presentation and demonstration to the Association of Fundraising Professionals entitled "Holistic Health: The boss/the board/the donor is breathing down your neck...What to do when you feel like you might explode."  in Kingston

May 2008

Dr. Jacqueline Fairbrass has been named an honored member in medicine by Princeton Premier.
Dr. Jacqueline Fairbrass, health consultant and accredited practitioner of naturopathy, has been chosen for inclusion in the 2008-2009 Princeton Premier Registry.
Issued By: Princeton Premier
May 14, 2008 15:40:46
Click to see PDF Version of this Press Release

Ottawa GIVES and Kingston GIVES President, Amanda Lindsay-Paddon was thrilled by the Multiple meditation Ottawa & Kingston GIVES logoCD's that were donated by SCT for the Interval House Shelters for women and children in Crisis ,Ottawa and Kingston.
Also Holistic Foot Reflexology Student Lori Chamberland donated 5 reflexology sessions and another 5 sessions were donated from students.
Ms Lindsay-Paddon looks forward to working with SCT again, in the future.

May 23 2008
Jackie Cave - St. Lawrence College, Kingston's Staff Appreciation Week - talk/demo on Holistic Foot Reflexology

April 2008

Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario - Train the Facilitators Conference
ADAO runs a 14 week Program to help anxiety sufferers get back to living a healthy life.
April 25, 26 and 27 twenty new facilitators were trained to run this highly successful Program. The events' Keynote Speaker was Jacqueline Fairbrass; the President of ADAO and a specialist in the CAM field working with anxiety and phobias.
Dr Fairbrass was also instrumental in facilitating the conference, teaching the nutrition component of the new and improved Program based on the SCT Nutrition Correspondence Course
. The ADAO 14 Week Program uses a hypnotherapy CD, specially designed and donated to ADAO by Dr.Fairbrass.

March 2008

Corporate Lunch and Learn at Majestic Nails in North Vancouver. "Introduction to Living a Better Life". March 26, 2008

February 2008

Setting the Intention at 'The Breakfast with Friends' Network Breakfast meeting.

January 2008

Setting the Intention at 'The Breakfast with Friends' Network Breakfast meeting.

December 2007

SCT Annual Solstice and Christmas Party, facilitating evening with Advanced Lightworkers and Teachers at SCT entitled "Beauty is the Language of the Divine"

November 2007

Introduction, Intent and Chair, The Anxiety Disorders of Ontario Annual General Meeting at Heartwood House

Nominated in 2007 for the Dr.Rogers Prize for a individual who is doing a stand-out job in the complementary health community.

Nominated for Women in Business (WBN) of the year 2006 in the entrepreneur category. First ever nominated in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) field.

September 2007

Jackie Cave - Presentation to Queen's University Medical Students at their Complementary Therapies Day "What is Reflexology?"

Friday 13, 2006

A Channel
Breakfast interview with Kurt Stoodly discussing Triskaidekaphobia (fear of Friday the 13th) and anxiety. Jacqueline is A Channel Breakfast's anxiety expert.

Guest speaker at Jewish Community Centre Seniors Group (Ottawa) June . Jacqueline was invited as guest speaker to do a one hour talk teaching seniors the benefits of using Aromatherapy in their daily lives.