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Course Testimonials

Reflexology - A & P - CNHP - Aromatherapy - Colour Therapy - Karuna Reiki - Usui Reiki - Advanced Lightworkers

Reflexology Testimonials:

I have started on my [Holistic Foot Reflexology] Practicum/Case Studies and I'm really liking this.  It is a lot of work but it's not feeling nearly as daunting a task (60 sounds like such a big number!) now that I've started it.  I'm feeling more relaxed with each session that I do and this has me feeling more confident in my abilities!  I am also enjoying the feedback that I'm receiving.
Even before I started my Practicum, I must say that I'm excited about it.  I have a new love of feet these days and for someone who has never liked their feet being touched I'm craving mine being done!!! I'm happy that one of my classmates has asked me to be a case study for them as I was itching for a session!!!! I couldn't wait!!! SL, Student CNHP

I would first off like to thank Michelle for a fantastic 2 weekends of in-class training - You're the Best!  I really enjoyed the training and loved your perky energy!  You were very helpful and I enjoyed learning from you.   I also enjoyed my fellow students - what a group we had.  I loved the way that we were able to have fun and laugh at ourselves while learning - it was so much fun. Again, Michelle, thank you so much for your energy, your grace and your knowledge! SL Reiki Master

[I continue to study with SCT because] I like the professionalism taught as well as practical business advice. The encouragement offered is great. CS

Hand Reflexology Correspondence:
I have enjoyed the Hand Reflexlogy very much. I am particularly pleased since I can do a session on myself, which I now do on a regular basis. I am convinced that hand reflexology will be a great asset to my holistic healing business and I thank you for this opportunity of offering this course by correspondence. Thanks,JF

"I am enjoying the Hand Reflexology immensely".-JF

"Thank you very much for your email (sic) regarding my marks on the written exam.  My energy is uplifted and I forward it to my daughter.  I am very proud of myself.  (sic)My teacher has changed my life since I took this program. Thank you once again. Sincerely," Caroline

"Thank you for offering this course. It has opened up a whole new world of healing and helping for me...and keep up the great work. You are adding much light to our world in many ways."Kerry, Reflexology Student

"A big thank you for everything! Both (my friend) and I are pretty busy with our practicum. I am enjoying the reflexology treatments a lot, both giving and receiving. My "clients" are very relaxed and grateful after their sessions. Thank you so much for such a rewarding experience." Jocelyn, Reflexology Student

"Thank you for the wonderful learning experience. It has been enlightening in many ways. In healing light, peace, harmony and friendship," Brenda, Registered Reflexology Practitioner

"It was great learning in such a positive and relaxed atmosphere.keep up the fantastic work." Gerry, Palliative Care Nurse

"The reflexology course was exactly what I was looking for-with a "plus".[the teacher] is very easy to understand-this course is fantastic!" Josee, Administrative Assistant

Anatomy & Physiology Testimonials

"Very informative!" Sarah, High School Student

"I surprised myself - I had fun! Easy to understand and my confidence is already growing. I am happy I took A&P with you." Carol, Alternative Health Care Professional

Certified Natural Health Practitioner Testimonials

Right now, it's hard to imagine things getting any better then this! I am forever grateful to you for this, thank you does not do my feelings justice!
I envision a time when I am all complete with my studies with the School of CT, and devoting my time to Natural Health! []  a step towards my new career path! A life path feels more appropriate to say! MS, Student CNHP

I feel GREAT about my accomplishments with SCT to date and I feel quite confident that I can continue to have this level of gusto for the duration as I'm LOVING what I'm learning material wise as well as what I'm uncovering within myself! SL

I must say - hitting the send button on the registration of this course has been the best thing I've done for myself in a very, very long time.  The timing of it has been perfect in so many ways and I'm finding that I'm really embracing the knowledge (some new-found) and some buried deep inside coming back up!  I guess they are correct when they say that all happens in the right time when it's meant to. SL, Ottawa

"You're right Jacqui!  I feel strong in knowing this is part of my "purpose".  Bring it on :o)" B
PS - I "VAVOOM-ed" into the office today!  Feeling cheery and have an extraordinary number of one liners that have people giggling.  At the same time, we received horrible news about a colleague today ... a whole team is in a tail spin.  I have been an anchor, and the voice to soothe ...  it all feels so very natural.

"I deeply appreciated the TLC yesterday and to top it off with "breaking bread together" was the ultimate.  The beans are doing their job :o). Am at home today to get the last of this bug tended to. Just wanted to beam in to extend my appreciation." Namaste, B

Traditional Holistic Aromatherapy Testimonials

"Thank you for all the "extra" information you bring to the course materials. I can't wait to get started on my professional path as a Certified Aromatherapist." Aimee

"Things with me are going well. I just worked my first weekend as an aromatherapist, and I had a great time. I am actually doing things my way and it is a lot of fun. I was a little nervous at first, but from the mid to end of day, I was warmed up. On Sunday, I had a wonderful day. I had two clients who extremely enjoyed my aromatherapy massage, and who also enjoyed me. So they worked out to be my "perfect clients" (as we learned on the course). I have actually tried one massage without E/O's (client did not want essential oils), and I have to say that I am so grateful to know about and use essential oils. Now that I can compare, I now see there is nothing like the incorporation of essential oils to make a treatment all it can be. Thanks for everything Jacqui." Felicia

Colour Therapy Testimonials

"What a fantastic course. Your materials were excellent and very professional. [The] knowledge [is] awesome. [The] presentation was terrific. [SCT] is truly doing what you should be doing." Judi, Teacher

"Thank you for this opportunity. I have learned much more than I thought. And I look forward to Level Two." Anne, Correspondence Student 2006

"This is an excellent course. I'm enjoying it very much." Anne

Karuna Reiki Testimonials

"Thank you. This has been transformational. I can't wait to share it!" Jack, Reiki Master

"This has a different "flavour". I found it so peaceful and loving, yet it shook up my life! I am so glad I took Karuna® Reiki." Deb, Reiki Master

Usui Reiki Testimonials

"I got alot out of the (First Degree Reiki) course yesterday. I like your style of teaching so I seem to have absorbed the day better (than with another teacher). Have a great day - have incorporated reiki into my day." Kate

"I really enjoyed the Reiki. You really are a good teacher and keep the class rolling along I will frame my Reiki certificates and continue on that path. For some reason my Ottawa U B.Ed. is off the wall. Once again, thank you for the learning opportunity and for being able to just relax and learn among kindred spirits." Sally, Teacher/Co-ordinator Special Education

"Thank you for putting Reiki in my life, with it I am never alone and can face things with confidence and calm."
Lucie, Holistic Health Practitioner

Advanced Lightworkers Testimonial

I REALLY enjoyed our tele-class last night. I kept on saying the Mantra's all night and it helped me to cook what I have been learning in my cooking classes (which I had been procrastinating on doing)! Then this morning Istarted out my day with them! They helped me do my other meditations (which can be difficult for me to do at times!) I feel Light and Infinite and Happy this morning....How does it get any better than this??!! What are the Infinite possibilities! It just keeps on getting better and better! BCB, Lightworker/healer

I am very excited to seeing you all again in August and hearing you in July. This is such a wonderful group and lightworkers brings so much happiness and comfort into my life! Love you all very Much, BOC

"Thank you all for your support along the transformation path last night.   I feel great today - like a load of crap has been lifted off of me." D .B